Audi q7 2020: A Striking Mixture of Luxury and Practicality

Created: July 13, 2020


audi q7 2020

It is high time to take a closer look at Audi q7 2020 updated model that will appeal to the most demanding drivers with the sophisticated niche touches, competitive pricing, and smart enhancements of this handsome full-size seven-seat crossover.

Study all the specifications, options of performance, interior design, pricing, and impression it produces to form your own opinion of this beauty after a thorough facelift. The updating job deserves your attention as it has been really fascinating!

The company announced the audi q7 2020 release date to let the updated version of this luxurious SUV enter the market in the United States, Europe, and the whole world.

This mid-size audi sports car, goes up against Volvo XC90 and BMW X5, which are its well-deserved rivals with outstanding capabilities.

Nevertheless, a new seven-seater offers such handling dynamics, excellent powertrain, and superior interior that it is challenging to match those characteristics. It confidently takes its place in the luxury market segment owing to extensive makeover and extra features added.

It is a family SUV that can do anything: commuting, taking children to school, making errands, long hauls, and what not. However, there is hardly any other crossover that does all that with more charm and touch of luxury. New exceptional features of interior design, V-6 with higher potential, a tweaked exterior and all-wheel drive make it a nice choice for the lovers of adventures and spenders of money.

The price differs between the Premium, Prestige, and Premium Plus levels with the cost of base versions equal to approximately $61,000. You cannot expect any fuel economy with this type of a car that has become sharper this year, but it promises a smooth and calm ride, in particular to those who take the seats in the first and second rows.

The wayback will probably appeal only to high school students and younger members of the family only. With the folded seats, the Q7 2020 has over 70 cubic feet of cargo, which gets down to 14.2 if there are passengers in the third row.

Amazing interior with expensive-looking surfaces, soft leather upholstery, and excellent Valcona hides are impressive. Excellent three-zone climate control, a panoramic sunroof, more touch screens for vehicle control, heated front seats with the adjustment, if needed, folding seats in the second and third rows, 19-inch wheels, a digital instrument display of 12.3 inches are unquestionable benefits of this audi car.

Available upgrades include massaging front seats, heating of a steering wheel, power-adjustable front seats (12- or 18-way), premium class Valcona leather upholstery, heating of the seats in the second row, ventilation of the front seats, and others.

Audi Q7 2020 gets its place among the best audi models and in the category of the top-ranking luxury mid-size SUVs. In particular, it is #8 among the luxury SUVs with three rows of seats. According to the data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the results of six crash tests allowed the Audi Q7 to get the highest rating of Good in safety.

The efficiency of the prevention system of standard front crash provided Audi Q7 2020 with highest rating of Superior. It also obtained five out of five stars in the side crash test of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Brief review of Audi Q7 2020

What is new in 2020?

  • Infotainment system with dual screens
  • Mild-hybrid setup of the V6 engine
  • Refreshed styling both in the exterior and interior of the car


  • V6 engine with enhanced capability
  • Three rows of seats
  • Interior luxury
  • Premium materials for the cabin
  • Variety of high-tech features
  • Nimble handling


  • High price
  • Somewhat plain appearance from the outside
  • Uncomfortable seats in the third row