How to Choose Brush for Washing Car Wheels

Created: April 1, 2021


Brush for Washing Car Wheels

The presented rating in this article will help motorists choose high-quality and reliable equipment, the best wheel cleaning brush that is safe for polished surfaces. The question is – How to Сhoose Best Wheel Cleaning Brush?

Brush for Car Wheels

The wheel woolies brush has a tough bristle that can handle a wide variety of dirt. How to choose the right wheel woolies brush for washing car rims. The modern market offers a wide variety of machine cleaning accessories that are not easy to understand. This diversity is due to the area of ​​their application.

Depending on the tasks to be solved, the brushes differ:

–       the material from which the pile and handle are made;

–       the configuration of the accessory;

–       the stiffness and length of the pile;

–       the shape and size of the handle;

–       ease of use.

It takes a particularly long time to wash the wheels. Occupying a small share of the car area, they take almost half of the washing time. The most persistent dirt forms on the discs:

–       lumps of road dirt;

–       bitumen residues;

–       traces of aggressive reagents after road treatment during icy conditions.

The quality of work depends on the choice of a cleaning device. Therefore, brushes for washing car wheels must have a sufficiently hard pile that is resistant to the action of chemicals and is able to cope with:

–       with a thick layer of sand and soil;

–       metal dust from brake pads;

–       organic pollution.

The presented rating of wheel brushes will help motorists choose high-quality and reliable equipment that is safe for polished surfaces.

10th position – Vikan soft brush for cleaning discs and wheels, 320 × 70 mm, 525252

Universal attachment from the Vikan Transport System range of specific cleaning tools. Reinforced cutting edge allows you to clean any surface:

  • metal;
  • wooden;
  • plastic;
  • leather;
  • paint and varnish coatings.

The tool body is made of durable polypropylene, the characteristics of which correspond to European standards. The rubber coating protects the surface from mechanical damage.


Appointment To remove dirt from car rims
Type Tufted soft
Dimensions 230х150х110 mm
Pile length 50 mm
Pile material Nylon
Corps Polyethylene
Production Denmark


Also tackles stubborn oil, fruit juice, and chocolate stains inside the cabin. Thanks to its small size, the brush will help clean all hard-to-reach recesses and bumps.

9th position – AuTech brush 45 cm for washing discs

The AuTech car rim brush is characterized by a reinforced bristle that can handle any kind of dirt. The German company AuTech has appeared on the market of equipment for auto repair centers quite recently, but has already gained popularity with the quality of its products.

AuTech Reinforced Bristle Brush

Appointment For mechanical cleaning of surfaces


Type Reinforced
Dimensions 450 mm
Article 017261
Corps Plastic
Manufacturer AuTech – Germany





8th position – AMR SGWBC wheel brush

A double-sided wheel brush with long, dense bristles – a reliable assistant in the fight against tough dirt.

Comfortable plastic handle with a grooved surface prevents the tool from slipping out of your hands during washing.

Appointment For cleaning of disks and wheels, suspension mechanisms


Material Polymer fishing line
Dimensions 25 cm



Article 020257
Weight 0,148 kg



HiTech Industries is an American corporation that has been a leader in the production of accessories for professional car care for over 70 years. The constant search for new solutions allows the developer to offer consumers effective and safe products.

7 position – brush for washing discs and wheels AuTech RED ROCKET (45cm)

Auto rim brushes manufactured by AuTech are convenient and lightweight accessories that help to effectively clean the wheels of accumulated dirt and bits of bitumen.

The ergonomic handle made of durable plastic is pleasant to the touch, does not slip, and is comfortable to work with. The dense, medium-hard bristles quickly wash off the surface without causing scratches.

Appointment To remove dirt from car wheels
Type of equipment SUVs and cars
Accessory type RED ROCKET
Dimensions 45 cm
Article Au 1050
Pile material Nylon


Corps Plastic
Brand AuTech, Germany
Production Taiwan

The best ratio of product characteristics and value ensures high demand for it.

6th position – Gyeon Wheelbrush ultra-resistant large brush for washing wheels and rims

The brush for washing car rims is made of soft but durable microfiber. Synthetic material with special properties made by special order of the Gyeon company.

Delicately working on tough dirt, the brush effectively cleans even stubborn stains. It is completely safe even for lacquered and chrome-plated rims, especially if they are covered with a protective film made by Gyeon.


For cleaning car wheels

Article GYQ287
Length with handle 38, 48 cm
The length of the hairy head 13, 16 cm
Pile material Hybrid synthetics
Corps Plastic
Brand Gyeon
Production South Korea

The Gyeon product range allows you to provide comprehensive car care, including high-quality cleaning of all components.

5th position – brush for MaxShine discs made of natural wool (merino), 704602

This wheel cleaning brush is made of natural wool perfectly cleans caps, rims and other parts from adhering dirt. It has a soft effect on the surface without damaging the coating.

  • Service life – up to 60 cleanings, it can be increased with careful handling:
  • protect from high temperatures and chemicals;
  • protect from rain and sun;
  • store in a dry place.

For washing, it is better to use two MaxShine accessories – using the first one to wash off road dirt with water and a cleaning agent, and the second one to wipe the discs dry.

Appointment For cleaning wheels and other systems
Article 015883
Wool length 6 cm
Handle length 35 cm
Material Merino wool
Corps Plastic
Colour Black
Production China

After work, the wheel woolies brush must be thoroughly rinsed and dried, then shaken well and fluffed with a comb.


4th position – MaxShine brush for cleaning wheels and rims, 7011012, 30 cm

Anhul Maxshine Products Trading Co., Ltd is a renowned manufacturer and exporter, one of whose businesses is the supply of automotive maintenance products.

The car rim brush has a convenient configuration that allows you to reach the most difficult to reach places on all types of wheels, and the rubberized handle and notches grip firmly in your hand.

Appointment For cleaning wheels and rims from road dirt and bio-contamination
Article 015879
Colour Red
Dimensions 30 cm
Material Nylon
The length of the bristles 15 сm
Handle length 13 cm
Manufacturer MaxShine
Production China

Effectively cleaning all types of wheels, the tool does not leave any scratches or swirls on the surface.

3 position – brush for cleaning wheels microfiber curved MaxShine 704604 length 55 cm

Microfiber brush for cleaning car wheels and rims.

Due to its high absorbency, it easily absorbs dust and oil stains that cannot be washed off with water. The curved handle allows access to tight spaces. The soft material does not leave scratches or water marks.


Appointment For cleaning car wheels
Article 020838
Manufacturer code 704604
Dimensions 55 mm
Material 100% microfiber
Form Curved at an angle of 45 degrees to the handle
Colour Black
Manufacturer MaxShine
Production China

The accessory does not require any special care. After use, simply rinse in cold water and air dry.

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2nd position – flexible brush WWRMT WoollyWormit for wheels and discs

The process of washing wheels will become much easier with a flexible brush for car rims, made using a unique technology. The tool consists of:

  • semi-rigid flexible base made of dense rubber;
  • 1 tip with 4 foam applicators for small holes;
  • tip and 4 removable foam jaws for large fixing wells;
  • 2 removable attachments;
  • microfiber wrappers.

The peculiarity of the model is the absence of plastic or metal parts that can leave scratches. If the applicators or fur coat are worn out, you can buy a set and put it back on the base.

Appointment For washing wheels and rims
Article WWRMT
Product code 01898

Foam rubber, microfiber

Colour Black
Corps Semi-rigid
Brand WoollyWormit
Production China


The flexible base can be easily directed to either side, and the special tips are designed to clean the fixing wells, the inside of the rim and even the back of the spokes.

1st position – Karcher brush for washing wheels and rims (2.643-234.0)

Universal brush for washing all types of car wheels and rims. Has a union nut for connection to a telescopic hose. The structure is driven by a water jet.

When the nozzle rotates, the following occurs:

  • gentle cleaning of surfaces;
  • effective cleaning of remote places;
  • uniform water supply within a radius of 360 degrees;
  • pressure regulation depending on the mud layer;
  • removal of stubborn dirt.

By connecting the “Karcher” attachment with the “Grass” foam cleaner, you can speed up the washing process and save water.


Appointment For washing car wheels
Type Nozzle for K2-K7 household appliances
Article 37754
Dimensions 422х80ъ101 mm
Weight 0,27 kg
Bristle material Nylon
Form Bristle around the perimeter

Type of fastening

Cap nut
Manufacturer Karcher, Germany
Production China


The main advantage of using Karcher accessories is the possibility of contactless washing and no impact on the paintwork, which is so easy to damage.

The service life of auto disks and wheels largely depends on the correct choice of inventory. Therefore, it is important that accessories are purchased from a specialist retailer.