Crew Cab vs. Quad Cab vs. Regular Cab: What’s the Difference?

Created: June 17, 2021


Crew Cab vs. Quad Cab vs. Regular Cab: What’s the Difference?

Today, you can get a heavy duty work pickup without sacrificing comfort and handling. What’s the Difference between: Crew Cab vs. Quad Cab vs. Regular Cab? You have a chance to find out some new facts about those Cabs.


Pickup trucks in general

Pickup trucks are one of the vehicles that have undergone the greatest progress and development in recent years. These trucks were no longer designed for heavy duty, they now offer luxury and comfort at all levels.

Truck manufacturers have many different names for their different cabin configurations, cabin sizes and body styles, but when you look at the specifications, there are actually only four types: Conventional cockpits, extended cockpits, cockpits, and extended cockpits, the autolist said in the article.

Do you know the difference between a crew cabin, a regular cockpit and an extended cockpit? Here we will tell you about the differences between these options.

Normal pick up cab

A regular cab pickup is one that only has a row of individual seats separated by a console or jogging. This means it can accommodate one or two people besides the driver and very little space behind the seat.

Normal pick up cab

Extended Cab Pickup

Extended cab pickups have the same type of front seats as the regular cab, but with small extra seats behind the first seat.

The rear seats of the extended cab truck are narrow and best suited for children. Adults can travel there for shorter trips, but they won’t be thrilled with it. Typically, an extended cab truck has the advantage of additional covered and locked cargo space behind the front seats. Owners access the space through rear doors that open in the usual way or like a clamshell, according to the JD Power article.

Crew Cab Pickup

This type of truck is also known as SuperCrew (Ford), Double Cab (Toyota Tacoma), CrewMax (Toyota Tundra), and Ram sells a version of their Heavy Duty truck called the Mega Cab.

This truck has two full-size seats and all amenities in two rows.

Ram R/ T Reg Cab and Crew Cab: Choose the right one for you.

When you choose a pick up from among the different sports trucks, there are a number of things to take into account, such as the equipment or the load capacity.

However, once you have chosen the model of truck that you like, the most difficult thing comes: choosing one of the versions of the vehicle, which although similar, have details that make the difference when driving. To make this selection process a little easier for you, we bring you the differences between RAM R / T Reg Cab and Crew Cab 2019.

Ram R/ T Reg Cab and Crew Cab: Choose the right one for you.

The Reg Cab vs Crew Cab

The most notable difference, of course, is space. The Reg Cab version has only one row of seats, while the Crew Cab has two rows and four doors. This impacts the entire vehicle.

The size of these sports truck models is different. RAM R / T Crew Cab is 1.5 cm higher than its Reg Cab version. The length also changes from 530.9 cm to 581.7 cm, with the Crew Cab being 50.8 cm longer. A big difference when it comes to finding space for your vehicle. This also impacts vehicle capacity. Reg Cab has a 1,600L cargo area, while Crew Cab has 1,400L.
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Cargo Capacity and comfort. Which one do you prefer?


  • RAM R / T Reg Cab can carry up to 612kg and pull 4,014kg. Although the Crew Cab only holds 554kg, it makes up for it with its 4,412kg towing capacity.
  • Inside, there are also differences. Crew Cab includes a sunroof and a power sliding rear window. Plus two climate control zones and additional storage space under the second seat.

Similarly, RAM R / T Crew Cab has nine speakers, two more than Reg Cab, and adds rear-row curtain airbags.

As you can see, both 2019 RAM R / T pickup models are very similar, however, they offer you different things. If you’re looking for a spacious cabin, with extra internal storage and more towing capacity, Crew Cab is for you. If you want a slightly smaller sporty pickup with greater cargo capacity, Reg Cab would be a better option.

Dodge Ram 1500 Fourth Generation – a rare guest on our roads

Did you know that the Dodge Ram logo does not depict a ram, but an argali.

Ram series pickups have been produced by Dodge for almost 35 years. At first, they were like two peas in a pod-like their competitors – Chevrolet and Ford, but by the mid-nineties, they had gained their face and popularity. Russia began an acquaintance with just this series. In this article, we will talk about the more recent generation of 2009-2013 in the most common version of the Ram 1500 with a 5.7HEMI engine. By the way, we wrote about it in October 2010.

Dodge Ram 1500 Fourth Generation - a rare guest on our roads

Rams from half tones

Unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show, the fourth generation Ram was the last to be branded Dodge. In 2011, it was decided to take Ram Trucks into a separate brand. However, for us, a large-scale copy of a trunk tractor with a horned head on the radiator grill still remains a Dodge Ram.

In Detroit, the pickup started in the 1500 version. There were others – 2500, 3500, 4500 and, finally, a little like a passenger car 5500. If you do not know what these numbers are, let me explain: they indicate the carrying capacity of the base model in pounds. In kilograms, there will be half a ton, three quarters of a ton and one ton, respectively! It’s simple. But there are two points to make. Until 1994, for some reason, Dodge gave pickups three-digit indexes – 150, 250, etc. However, the current four-digit indexes do not fully correspond to the technical characteristics, but are a kind of conventional units, since the carrying capacity of pickups increases with each generation.

Nevertheless, indexing allows you to immediately understand which machine you will have to deal with. Although, of course, there are options. The 2500 can be equipped with Heavy Duty and dual rear ramps, while the 3500 can be equipped with single ones. Versions 4500 and 5500 are essentially separate cars, only similar to our hero. These are real monsters among pickups, capable of towing a 13-ton trailer with a curb weight of 3600 kg.

New times

While designing the Dodge Ram DS, the designers were still catching up with the leader – the Ford F150, which was sold under the slogan “hottest pickup of the year”. Therefore, they were faced with the task of making their car even “hotter”, at least externally. A false radiator grille with a reverse slope, reminiscent of the Charger sports sedan, was added to the familiar appearance of the main tractor. It turned out very cool! This look is still in use if and tires.

Dodge Ram and without any preparation a pretty rogue but the wheels are better to put more and more teeth, and for this you need an elevator kit

A line of three motors, 6-speed “automatic” and fully spring-loaded suspension completed the look of the future contender for the title of a bestseller. If the Chevy Avalanche and Honda Ridgeline are considered mid-size, and rightly so, then the 2009 Ram was the first full-size pickup with circular springs. This, however, meant a certain departure from utilitarianism towards comfort. Yes, Ford, Toyota and Chevrolet will be able to pull a heavier trailer, take on a heavier load, but the ride comfort of empty cars will be noticeably worse, and even in America they mostly drive empty pickups.

And, by the way, just about reliability. Contrary to expectations, the springs do not sag in the first hundred thousand miles, but may well roll up to three hundred, if you do not carry half a ton along the tracks from a dump truck. Now prices vary greatly and depend on the greed of the seller and the time of purchase. In the USA, by the way, the spring costs from $ 80 000

In general, the suspension lives quite a long time, except perhaps for the bones of the stabilizers, which cost 1200 rubles each. apiece and change on the knee, as servicemen say. There is no need to save much here, the parts are small, but very loaded. There were cases of breakage of cheap fakes – literally in half. However, the survivability of the suspension is not so much a problem for the manufacturer as for the owner.

But the cardan shafts must be treated carefully. The front one, short with two CV joints, can fail, wedge and vibrate if the anthers break, and it costs about 15,000 rubles. The rear is a long compound bearing with a suspended bearing, which is placed on a rather large bracket. This whole structure is disassembled and can be replaced piece by piece. The crosses will cost 1200 rubles. Each shaft itself can be found for 12,000 rubles.

We carry everything. Most of the bodywork accessories included with the list of factory options

The steering is rack and pinion, very reliable, and does not suffer from special problems. When driving, even fast, the Ram demonstrates excellent stability and straight European handling. As good as a solid axle car can get.

Hemispherical Ram is our all

Since the beginning of production, the 2009 Dodge Ram has been equipped with engines known to us from other Chrysler models, primarily Jeep. Mono and the lowest-priced versions offered a 3.7-liter V6, a 4.7-liter V8 fitted the entire lineup, and topped the list with a gorgeous 5.7-liter HEMI with 396bhp. with. The MDS cylinder cut-off technology, the modernized valve opening and closing phase control system, and finally, the famous hemispherical combustion chambers – all this puts the HEMI engine in first place in terms of efficiency and popularity. And acceleration – 6.7 s to hundreds! At that time, not every sports car could do this! However, a 6.4-liter SRT engine with a compressor appeared very soon.

Gentleman’s set. Leather, chrome and wood are indispensable attributes of interior trim in any American car that claims to be comfortable.

Cummins diesels were installed only on heavy versions, starting from 3500. Engines are all well known, reliable and durable. In our conditions, only the EGR valves that have failed ahead of time can cause trouble, the replacement of which will cost 8,000 rubles. with work. This, in fact, is all that can be said about engines.

But what distinguished the Ram favorably was the transmission. During production, six variants of boxes were put on the fourth generation – from 4- to 8-speed. The main difference from competitors is the presence in the list of options for a manual 6-speed gearbox! None of the competitors have been doing “mechanics” for a long time. Chevrolet completely abandoned the “handle” back in 2006, Ford – in 2010. Dodge thought that buyers would need such a version as well. The body is in action. Lockable lockers in the sides of the body are a great solution

America with Europe. Pure American instrument panel to the eyeballs filled with scales and indicators, but the gear selector under the steering wheel is only available for diesel versions, for gasoline ones – in a European way on the tunnel.

The boxes are unified with other models of the concern – Durango and Jeep. For a knowledgeable person, it is enough to look at the indexes to make everything clear. 45RFE – from the 1999 Grand Cherokee, 545RFE – from the 2001 Grand Cherokee.  Only the 6-speed gearboxes that were installed with a diesel engine were original. In 2007, they began to use the Japanese Aisin box, first with diesel engines, and after a slight modernization in 2011 – with gasoline engines.

For everything. In cars like pickup, Americans focus on versatility. So that the hunter, both the housewife and the family who gathered at the grandfather’s ranch felt comfortable

All boxes, I repeat, are reliable and durable. They differ in the intricacies of service that only specialists know. In general, 68RFE, which is Dodge’s own development, is most often found on cars operated in Russia. Neither the owners nor the servicemen complain about it, they only recommend paying attention to the level and quality of the oil.


Dodge has always advertised its pickups as workhorses. Consequently, comfort, decoration and materials were the most unassuming. After the appearance of a new generation in 2009, everything changed radically. And although Ram has not been able to get rid of the hard plastic in some places, the interior has become much more comfortable and even luxurious. Although, perhaps, this estimate will depend on what the owner rode before the pickup.  Nevertheless, the improvements in design and comfort are obvious.

And given the fact that the Ram is a true American “full size”, then the spaciousness in the cockpit is appropriate. That and the improved ride comfort make getting a Dodge Ram not all that crazy. Especially if you have to travel not only from the garage of the house to the parking of the office. But the main thing about Ram is, of course, not the carrying capacity and practicality, but the fact that it is not like everyone else. And, perhaps, you have to be as stubborn and decisive as the totem on the radiator grill in order to spit on the bourgeois tastes and take this ram – sorry, argali – by the horns!

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