Easy Tips How to Clean Car Windows

Created: February 9, 2021


How to clean car window

Good Tips that will Help You to Make Your Auto Perfect

A car with dirty windows is a sight that no responsible car owner can look at with indifference. Various streaks and layers of dirt can significantly reduce the quality of vision, which is very important for a timely driver’s response. Considering these factors, it is safe to say that everyone who has decided to get behind the wheel should know how to properly and effectively to clean the windows inside and outside of their favorite car.

Washing methods of the car glass:

Before choosing a specific cleaning method, you need to determine the state of the windows and more: for example cleaning old cars’ windows or new ones – might have some differences, but all the ways of cleaning car windows will be very useful for you.

If the contamination is weak, then you should not use chemistry. A soapy solution and a rag will be enough. For the washing to take place at the maximum level of comfort, you need to use special rags for cleaning the car and napkins to get rid of moisture residues correctly and quickly.

Many drivers use a 1: 1 solution of alcohol and water. Cleaning car windows with alcohol is a good method that allows for easy cleaning, provided that the dirt layer is not very large. As the experience of many drivers shows, this solution can also be used to wash glass from the inside – the dirt is removed quickly and there will be no specific smell in the cabin.

At the same time, cleaning agents and solutions containing ammonia are strongly discouraged from working inside the cabin. Those car owners who take the risk and decide to wash the car glass with such a means may subsequently face such unpleasant consequences as damage to the trim elements made of plastic, rubber, and leather. And if the windows of the car were covered with a tinted film, then it will not leave the destructive effect of ammonia either. Well, do not forget about the toxicity of this chemical compound.

In the presence of light pollution and the complete absence of any chemicals at hand, including soap, windows can be washed using only water and old newspapers.

It would be logical to remember about such a protective agent as “Aquagel”. By applying it, the driver will receive reliable protection of the car surface from dirt and dust, which will allow washing the windows much less often.

How to clean car windows with 9% vinegar and soap. This product will be an ideal replacement for household chemicals if you prefer actively foaming detergents. To prepare it, you need to take 10 ml. of vinegar, 0.5ml of liquid soap (if it is absent, you can finely adjust the usual laundry soap) and add 2 glasses of water. Vinegar cleaner – is a very popular way of cleansers. Remember that all components must be thoroughly mixed and applied to glass. After this, the windows need to be thoroughly washed, rinsed with plain water and wiped dry.

The windshield gets dirty on the outside – every driver knows that. Unfortunately, it is often contaminated from the inside. The clusters that are on the inside of the windshield are completely different. These are fat deposits and tar from cigarette smoke, as well as any dirt that enters the cabin if you like to drive with the windows open. Wash inside of the glass quickly and efficiently is very simple. You can use a special “chemistry”, but it is also effective to wipe it with ammonia. It not only effectively removes dirt but also leaves no stains and prevents fogging. Do not forget that you should clean the inside of the windshield only with clean cloths, and preferably with a microfiber or ordinary paper towels. Car window cleaner is well combined with the last.

Washing windows and mirrors of a car with auto chemistry is a good decision for cleaning car windows without streaks. This chemical cleaners does not leave streaks and allows you to quickly achieve an excellent result. Modern cleaners do not contain ammonia, which makes them safe for plastic, leather, and rubber inside the car.

To clean the inside less often, it is worth using an aerosol anti-fogging agent. It will help protect windows from moisture and various types of dirt. Theoretically, glycerin can be used for such purposes, but it is better not to do this since it forms a film on which it is easy to smear your hands.

If the glass in the car has taken on an excessive amount of dirt and various oily deposits, then it is worth using special chemical cleaners that contain surfactants, solvents, and other powerful compounds. This chemistry is usually diluted with water in a 1: 5 ratio. It is not recommended to use undiluted concentrate.

Cleaning methods

In the event that a layer of dirt does not fit into the “light” category, it is better to think about more radical cleaning methods. Non-light pollution means an oily film, thick soot deposits and remnants of insects that are “lucky” to meet the surface of the car. Here, the use of special chemistry will already be rational.

There are many convenient cleaners on the auto chemistry market, which are designed for various levels of pollution and temperature conditions in particular. For example, there is a chemistry that has been developed specifically for contact with tinted surfaces. Also in stores you can find a lot of products that allow you not only to wash windows, but also to form a protective layer that produces the effect of “anti-rain”.

To work in the salon, it will be correct to pay attention to cleaning agents, originally designed to fight dirt, as they say, from the inside. Such auto chemistry allows you to effectively clean the inside of the windshield and easily remove nicotine deposits, protecting the interior from their further appearance.
Must know that this chemistry is usually diluted with water in a 1: 5 ratio. It is not recommended to use undiluted concentrate.

During winter, it is advisable to minimize the use of brushes and scrapers, as they can also cause cracks. With the onset of spring, it will not hurt to pay attention to polishing the car windows – this will help remove microcracks formed in the winter.
It’s all known fact that carrying out work on cleaning a car, both inside and outside, you need to use only high-quality auto chemistry, otherwise, you can get cloudiness and stains.

Also, for those who seek to take care of their car, it will be right to change the wipers on time. If you neglect this principle, then old parts will significantly accelerate the wear of the windshield.

The conclusion is simple: you need to take good care of the glasses of your favorite car. It is worth making a little effort and the appearance of the iron horse will always be at its best, as well as visibility while overcoming long and sometimes dangerous routes.