How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Car

Created: April 8, 2021


How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Car

A car that has a smoke small all the way can be a great problem for both: the driver and his passengers. How can you remove smoke smell from your car? There are a number of ways that you will be taught in this article.


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Strongly smoking interior of a car can cause discomfort not only to non-smoking passengers but to the drivers too. And do you know that the smoking salon does not only give an inappropriate smell with its stinky smell, but also it is not safe for health!? Now we will try to explain to you – what exactly we mean, saying all this.


The more you smoke in the car, the more your cabin is soaked with harmful substances that are formed during the burning of cigarettes. Remember that cigarette smoke contains thousands of other harmful chemicals in addition to the main poison, nicotine.

Unfortunately, the interior materials of any car easily absorb the products of cigarette combustion and gradually accumulate a harmful toxic effect.

Accordingly, the more you smoke in the car, the more harmful effects on you and your passengers in the future from toxic products that settle in the interior materials. So over time, if you smoke in your car for a long time, its interior can turn into a dangerous small chemical laboratory.

Remember, this is really dangerous to health!

Bad effects of smoke smell for your car

So, if the interior of your car smells of cigarette smog, the best solution is to eliminate the smell as soon as possible. Especially if you just recently bought an old car. If the interior of the car strongly smelled of cigarette smog, getting rid of the smell of tobacco will not be easy, but it’s real.

And we advise you, even if you are a smoker, you need to clean the interior of the car from the products of cigarette burning. This way you will not only reduce the harmful effects on your body, but also protect all your passengers. This is especially true if there are children in your vehicle.

In addition, we advise you to get rid of the smell of cigarettes, even if you are going to sell your car. Believe me, your car will be easier to sell with a non-smoking interior than with a horrible smell of smoke. 

How to remove smoke smell from car

How to remove smoke smell from car

Car dashboard polishing on carwash station. Man rubbing vehicle torpedo with polish.

Many people believe that to remove smoke smell from the car is easy with the help of various fresheners and car cologne, which can absorb odors inside the car. But unfortunately, this method only temporarily solves the problem of smoky interior.

The fact is that the freshener, car toilet water or even cologne neutralizes odors in the car, due to aromatization, which, in fact, only temporarily interrupts the stench of cigarette smoke. But over time, the pleasant aroma of fresheners evaporates and the cabin will continue to accumulate tobacco combustion products, which are constantly released from the processing materials, where nicotine and other toxic substances from cigarettes.

Therefore, to eliminate the unpleasant smell of cigarettes in the car, you need a deep cleaning of the interior, which should neutralize all the toxic substances that have entered the interior of the car.

Is it possible to remove the smell of smoke from the car?

The worst thing is that the smell of smoke is very difficult to remove not only in the car. For example, if you smoke in an apartment, you are probably familiar with how difficult it is to remove the smell of smoke. Therefore, unfortunately, eliminating the unpleasant smell of cigarettes in the car for the first time is unlikely. At least you should do some cleaning. Only then will you be able to get rid of the smell of burnt tobacco in the car.

Not in all cases you can completely get rid of the smell of cigarettes in the car. For example, according to statistics provided to us from the car wash, 20 percent of cars that come to the dry cleaner’s smoking room, experts can not completely get rid of the smell of smoke.

This is especially about the cars where not only the driver but also several passengers smoked inside. Due to the peculiarities of the ventilation system and the presence of a large number of cracks in the interior materials in some cars, the smell of smoke is very difficult to remove. The fact is that the toxic products of cigarette burning can settle in the cracks and joints of interior panels, from which it is almost impossible to remove dirt from them.

Hiding places where smell smoke can live in the car

We doubt if you know that, the products of cigarette burning absorb not only the seat. You should know that smell smoke gulfs into sun visors, seat belts, flooring, etc. Combustion products can also settle on any surface. Including on glass.

Worst of all, when you smoke, nicotine, tar and other harmful substances first settle on any surface of the cabin, and then due to air circulation in the car begin to spread throughout the cabin, dispersing toxic chemicals even in hard to reach places.

In a heavily smoked car, the highest concentration of harmful substances from cigarettes is observed on the ceiling. The fact is that the smoke in the car usually moves up. As a result, the greatest deposition of harmful substances from cigarette burning occurs directly above the driver and passengers.

That is why the smoky interior often has a darker ceiling compared to other shades of the interior. Especially if the interior of the car is made in light colors. So if the ceiling in your car has darkened, it may be time to clean it of nicotine with shampoo. Unfortunately, if nicotine is well absorbed into the ceiling, you will not be able to return it to its original appearance.

Methods of cleaning the cabin from cigarette smoke

Methods of cleaning the cabin from cigarette smoke

Removing smell smoke with a cleanser

One of the most common ways to eliminate the unpleasant smell of cigarettes in the car – is to use white vinegar, which easily absorbs surfactants and emits unpleasant odors.

For example, with the help of vinegar, you can neutralize surface contamination from cigarettes that have settled on the seats, the dashboard. You can also use vinegar to clean hard-to-reach places: cracks, corners, etc. And you can do this without touching the interior surfaces. It also worth to read how to clean leather seats

If your car smelled of cigarettes, before cleaning, we recommend replacing the cabin filter, which also most likely absorbed the products of cigarette burning. Next, you need to pour a cup of white vinegar and put it on the floor. For example, where the front passenger usually puts his feet. Then make sure all the windows of the car are closed, close the door and leave the car for a day with vinegar inside.

After the first stage of removing the unpleasant odor in the cabin from cigarette smoke with vinegar, it’s time to start the second part of cleaning, using a professional car cigarette smoke cleaner, which you can buy in a car shop.

When buying a cleaner, pay attention to its description. Remember, you need a cleanser that breaks down the enzymes from tobacco products.

With a cleaner, you must treat all surfaces inside the machine.

Removing smell smoke with steam cleaner

It’s time to clean the car with a steam cleaner, which will help you to remove toxic substances, gulfed into the seat fabric, door trim and flooring. Using a steam cleaner, you can ensure that substances from tobacco smoke come to the surface from the pores of the upholstery.

Then apply a special shampoo to clean the seats, door upholstery and flooring, which you can also buy in any car shop. Remember that the shampoo should be scented. Thanks to pre-cleaning with steam, the shampoo with the smell neutralizes bad-smelling substances from cigarettes or other smell smoke which came from the steam cleaner to the surface of the interior upholstery.

With this shampoo you can clean the ceiling from nicotine. The whole process will have to be repeated. That is, for optimal cleaning of the cabin from cigarette smoke, you need to perform a full cleaning cycle twice.

Removing smell smoke with vacuum cleaner

At the next stage of cleaning you will need a vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning, with which you can dry the seat, door trim and carpet on the floor of the car.

Please note that when cleaning the cabin, we recommend that you use a brush and a microfiber cloth, which can absorb a lot of dirt. You can use a flat fabric for window and flat surfaces.

Auxiliary details to remove smell smoke off the car

By the way, if the interior of the car is very smoky, then during the cleaning of the cabin there is a risk to spread with a rag combustion products throughout the cabin. Therefore, we do not recommend using the same cloth for all interior surfaces.

For example, to clean the ceiling, we recommend using disposable wipes with the effect of odor absorption (you can buy in any grocery hypermarket or in any car shop).

We recommend using a new cloth for each seat. After cleaning the cloth is better to throw away. You can use special napkins. This will protect your interior from the spread of toxic substances throughout the interior.

Maintaining a smokeless atmosphere

Removing smell smoke with ozone generator

After you have cleaned the cabin inside there may be a little smell of smoke left. Therefore, in this case, you need to repeat the process of dry cleaning the cabin.

If you still can not completely remove the unpleasant smell of smoke in the cabin, then don’t worry. Don’t give up.

You can try to neutralize it with an ozonator (ozone generator). This device is usually based on ultraviolet radiation, which destroys oxygen molecules (O2) resulting in the by-product of ozone. Ozone will really help you neutralize complex substances from cigarette smoke.

Result of cleaning

Result of cleaning cabin from cigarette smoke
Removing the smell of the cigarettes in a car is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. So if you want to remove the smell of tobacco from a used car, then you need to know that doing this will not be easy.

Everything, of course, depends on the degree of smoking. However, you should know that it may turn out that it will be very difficult to remove the smell of cigarette smoke and may not be cheap for you. So before you buy a car with a smoky interior, think twice. Maybe it’s easier to give up the purchase?

If you still decide to buy a used car with an unpleasant odor in the cabin from cigarettes, and are not going to do dry cleaning of the cabin, then be prepared to give a lot of money at a professional car wash. Believe me, car washes for cleaning the cabin from cigarette smoke will take from you at double the rate.

The cheapest way to clean the cabin to do it yourself. But this requires a set of certain tools and chemicals. Unfortunately, not every driver has a place to clean and all the necessary things.

However, you should know that you can remove the smell of nicotine in the salon yourself. But it will not be easy.

After cleaning the cabin from cigarette smoke, never smoke in the car. Remember that even a few cigarettes can be a source of constant odor in the cabin, which will also be difficult to remove. In this case, regardless of the number of cigarettes smoked, you will have to repeat several times the whole complex of interior cleaning described above.

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