How To Remove Tar from Your Car [Ultimate Guide]

Created: February 18, 2021


How To Remove Tar from Your Car

To begin with, many car owners often face the appearance of traces of the tar, especially in the summer, when the main work is carried out to repair the asphalt pavement. Cleaning the machine and removing the tar from the metal is a tedious and time-consuming process, in the process of which you can easily scratch the paint. Unfortunately, this problem will not be solved with a regular car wash, only with tar remover, but several methods will help to remove tar from the car body and return the shiny surface.

How To Remove Tar From the Car

  • If it’s possible, the car should be washed immediately. The longer such a substance remains on the surface, the harder it is to deal with. Quick action always contributes to the least amount of effort and guarantees success in obtaining the result. There are many chemical tar removers in the car care market, but they are usually used to remove fresh dirt. They include surfactants and contain a minimum amount of alcohols and solvents, which allows you to save a layer of paint and varnish.
  • Fresh tar stains from the body can also be removed by a means known to many motorists – ordinary margarine. It, unlike various aerosols that spray on a cold body, is recommended to put only on a warm surface. When heated, it melts quickly and mixes better with viscous bitumen during grinding. It is recommended to use a napkin with microfiber for cleaning of such stains, impregnated with any structure it carefully cleans a surface without leaving traces of scratches.
  • Among many ways to deal with tar, stains are folk, which have proven themselves for a long time and have a lot of positive feedback from car owners. Yes, the tested means for cleaning tar stains from the metal body are Sprite and Cola, of course, this method is used only in the case of fresh dirt. To clean even a large area you will need only about 2 liters of drink.

But as for old stains, there are not many tools that will help to quickly and effectively deal with this problem.

How to remove dried tar from the painted car – is also not a big problem but some hints you should know. Among the most popular – means for removing tar from the auto body of well-known brands Henkel Teroson and Dinitrol. These compositions are applied to the cooled surface and kept until the tar dissolves. If necessary, the process can be repeated until the complete disappearance of bitumen.

Effective ways to remove wood tar from the car body

Before removing stains from the tar of trees, you need to carefully wipe the surface of the car with a cloth soaked in hot soapy water, because under its influence the force of adhesion of the tar is significantly reduced.
When the surface is washed and the amount of dirt from the wood tar is visible, you can choose the most suitable method of cleaning.

Use of car care products

removing the tar from the metal
You can buy the best wood tar cleanser in any specialized auto-cosmetics store and gas station. The composition of such funds is designed to take into account the properties of tree resin. The tar chemical removers work quite effectively, while the surface of the car remains undamaged. The method of application is simple and convenient, just moisten the cloth in a large amount of product and put it on the contaminated surface for 15-20 minutes until complete absorption into the resin. Remove the tar from the surface with gentle circular motions. Complete the cleaning process by washing the car with shampoo.

Home remedies

  • You can try to deal with the problem of stains from tree tar with alcohol wipes and white spirit.
    However, caution should be exercised when using these tools, as a significant amount of effort can damage the car’s paintwork and paint when applied during squeezing.
  • Use WD-40 to remove tar from the car. What you have to do, just spray the composition of WD-40 on the treated area and leave for 10-15 minutes, the tar of the trees will begin to absorb the composition. Residues should be removed from the surface with a damp cloth.
  • Hand sanitizer is also an effective tool. To do this, apply a small amount to the resin for a few minutes. Then wipe the remnants of the resin with a dry cloth. At the end of the process, wash the car thoroughly and rub it with wax.
  • One more ordinary stuff that you can use to remove tar from the car – is peanut butter. Put some amount of peanut butter on the area where tar is and leave it at least for 40 seconds, and then smoothly remove with a paper towel or microfiber, all the tar should go away.


So now you know a lot of ways how to remove tar from the metal and lots of the best tar removers.

It is necessary to remember that at the removal of stains from bitumen or pine trees it is not necessary to make big physical efforts and scraping movements.The main goal is to get rid of dirt and at the same time, the surface of your car should remain evenly painted.

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